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Bridge Loan

Bridge loans allow borrowers to improve their position prior to seeking long term financing. Oftentimes, borrowers are denied by community and local banks for lack of credit, financial history, or internal bank credit guidelines. These borrowers can utilize a bridge loan to secure a property and show payment history prior to refinancing into a conventional longer term loan option. Need to close quickly on a property but do not have time to wait 45-60 days for a loan? Connect with Bluestone and get funding in as soon as two weeks!  Want to pull cash out from your existing real estate holdings for another real estate purchase? Bluestone will get a third-party appraisal ordered and help you pull out equity from your existing real estate portfolio!

Fix and Flip Loans

Commonly referred to as Fix and Flip loans or the BRRR Method (Buy, Rehab, Renovate, Refinance, Repeat), Bluestone can help you acquire and renovate a commercial or non-owner occupied residential property. Able to find a distressed property but having issues securing the financing for the project? Bluestone will provide acquisition and rehab financing, allowing you to complete renovations and get the property back on the market!

Intermediate CRE Loans

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Your alternative to traditional financing

Need funding for your project, but don’t fit the mold of traditional financing? Here are some of the things a Bluestone loan may be an alternative for.

  • Bluestone is an alternative to traditional bank financing. Many borrowers do not have the time to go through the underwriting and approval process required by a bank or conventional lending source.Borrowers will opt for more quicker and flexible lending options to secure real estate acquisitions before it is too late.
  • Real estate investors and business owners are constantly trying to balance their cash flow with ongoing operations. As a result, liquidating cash through real estate becomes a viable option for growth.
  • Working with lenders who do not offer cash-out refinance options? Utilize Bluestone’s bridge product to quickly pull out cash from your real estate holdings to be used for working capital, other real estate investments or renovations!

Uses of Proceeds


Are you booking to purchase another building for your business or an investment property to add to your portfolio? Bluestone can act quickly and help you secure the property before it is too late.

Debt Consolidation​

Do you have multiple debt obligations, making it difficult to manage your various payments? How about scattered business debt that is taking you away from day-to-day operations? Bluestone can consolidate credit card, payroll, MCA, and real estate debt as well as other forms of debt that are weighing on your business or real estate portfolio.

Cash-Out Refinance

Looking to purchase another investment property but lack the cash to do so? Try pulling out equity in your existing real estate by refinancing through Bluestone. Unlock cash from a refinance and use it for working capital or other real estate investments.

Partnership Buyout

In certain instances, you may need to buyout a member of your LLC who owns a partial interest in a real estate holding. Bluestone can assist by refinancing the property, allowing you to use the proceeds from the transaction to buyout your partner(s).

Working Capital

Are you a small business owner in need of additional working capital to drive growth for your business? See if Bluestone can assist you! Refinance your property and pull out cash to generate more cash flow for your business.

High-yield credit fund that invests in short duration commercial mortgages

Our primary fund vehicle, Bluestone Private Credit Fund LP, provides accredited investors with access to a diversified portfolio of commercial purpose loans secured by first liens on real estate.

About Bluestone

Bluestone is a direct balance sheet lender meaning we invest our own capital when deploying loans. As a result, all underwriting and investment decisions are made by Bluestone’s small team who the borrower has direct access to!

Common bottlenecks in transactions come down to the lender’s ability to efficiently close on a loan. Speed and flexibility is a variable that Bluestone tackles better than anyone else!

With advancements in financial technology and the continued cannibalism of local and community banks, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a community based lender in your area. Give Bluestone a call and learn about the advantages of working with a small-balance, private local lender.

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