Bridge Loan

Funding for small businesses and the self-employed who need an alternative to traditional bank financing.

Bluestone Commercial Capital LLC is a direct lender specializing in short-term commercial bridge loans secured by first liens on commercial real estate. By having an underwriting process that examines borrower integrity, strength of collateral, and a sound exit strategy, borrower by borrower, Bluestone is able to offer much needed financing to an underserved borrower base.

We are a Direct Lender

Being a direct balance-sheet lender means Bluestone uses it’s own capital when deploying loans. As a result, all underwriting and investment decisions are made by Bluestone’s team which you, as the borrower, have direct access to.

About Bluestone's Bridge Loans

Loan Amount

Bluestone targets small-balance loans between $200,000 and $3,000,000. These small business loans and lower balance commercial real estate loans are designed to reach an often overlooked and underserved borrowing base, traditionally known to be clients of local community banks.


Our loan product is a 12-month interest-only term, commonly referred to as bridge financing. The short-term nature of our loans are designed to temporarily improve a borrower’s position before they refinance or sell their property. The idea is to provide borrowers with the quick and easy financing they need to get a property under contract and closed.

Interest Rate

Bluestone’s pricing starts at 11.99% but can vary as national price indices change. The interest rate is paid towards your loan amount on an interest-only basis.

Loan to Value (LTV)

Bluestone’s maximum loan-to-value on 1-4 family investment properties is 70%. On all other commercial real estate assets, Bluestone has the capacity to max out at 65% LTV. Many factors impact the loan-to-value including cash flow, credit score and the geographic location of the asset.

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Use of Proceeds

A Bridge Loan from Bluestone can work for many different purposes, giving you the flexibility to use the funds where you need most.


Are you booking to purchase another building for your business or an investment property to add to your portfolio? Bluestone can act quickly and help you secure the property before it is too late.

Debt Consolidation

Do you have multiple debt obligations, making it difficult to manage your various payments? Bluestone is able to consolidate credit card, payroll, MCA, and real estate debt as well as other forms of debt that are weighing on your business or real estate portfolio.

Cash-Out Refinance

Looking to purchase another investment property but lack the cash to do so? Try pulling our equity in your existing real estate by refinancing through Bluestone. Unlock cash from a refinance and use it for working capital or other real estate investments. 

Partnership Buyout

In certain instances, you may need to buyout a member of your LLC who owns a partial interest in a real estate holding. Bluestone can assist by refinancing the property, allowing you to use the proceeds from the transaction to buyout your partner(s).

Working Capital

Are you a small business owner in need of additional working capital to drive growth for your business? See if Bluestone can assist you! Refinance your property and pull out cash to generate more cash flow for your business. 

Real Estate Collateral Types


1-4 Family Residential (non-owner occupied)

Do you own a single-family, duplex, triplex or quadplex property? Allow Bluestone to help you secure financing and generate cash flow before refinancing with a conventional or permanent lending option. Bluestone can also offer renovation financing, allowing you to complete the final touches on each unit to market the property as a rental. 


Mixed Use

Having issues getting financing on a mixed-use property with a retail store on the first floor and apartments on the second level? Apply online and get a quote within 48 hours on financing options with Bluestone. You can even cross collateralize additional real estate holdings to increase the strength of your application. 

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Small-balance multifamily properties of 5+ units offer financing challenges of their own. Lenders in the space are looking for higher balance loans above $5M or they need a certain DSCR (Debt-Service Coverage Ratio) to make the deal work. Try financing with Bluestone to demonstrate history of lender payments, or “seasoning”, before refinancing once the property is fully occupied. 

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Since the pandemic, Office as an asset class has seen better days. Often times, however, Office is generalized and looked at with broad strokes. Bluestone is active in the suburban, small-balance office space, providing financing for many local dental practices, law offices, and tax firms.  

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Many lenders can only lend on specific retail assets based on the businesses that occupy the store. As an asset based lender, Bluestone relies on the real estate or property value to determine the terms of the loan. Bluestone has financed all types of retail stores from chains and franchises to small mom-and-pop boutiques.

Aston, PA $800,000 (Apr, 2022)


Bluestone has a high concentration of Industrial assets within the portfolio. These assets require environmental reports (RSRA, Phase I, Phase II, etc.) which many lenders tend to stay away from. Fortunately, Bluestone has developed relationships with third-party environmental firms.

Lending Area

Understanding the geographic real estate market is crucial to underwriting the real estate asset.

Bluestone has the ability to lend nationwide but concentrates on Mid-Atlantic states and Florida. For loan requests outside the Mid-Atlantic region, Bluestone looks for densely populated areas with active sale comps.

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