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Move your business forward with Bluestone Commercial Capital.

Open Up Your Next Opportunity

Business is about opportunities. And getting ahead in business is about seizing those opportunities. Funding from Bluestone provides the capital you need to move forward with your next business expansion or real estate investment project. Bluestone funding is quick, easy, and flexible – allowing you the time you need to work out a long-term funding solution.

Why Use a Direct Lender?

Being a direct balance-sheet lender means Bluestone uses it’s own balance sheet to deploy capital. As a result, all underwriting and investment decisions are made by Bluestone’s team which you, as the borrower, have direct access to.

The Right Funding at the Right Time

We’ve all been there in business. A great opportunity comes across our path, but we don’t quite have the resources we need to act on it. It could be a hidden gem that needs a little TLC. Or the perfect location for a new store to help drive business growth. Whatever the case is, Bluestone provides flexible capital options for borrowers who need to act before it is too late.

Banks are a great option for long-term lending, but they’re not known for speed or simplicity. What do you do when you need financing now before the perfect place slips through your fingers? Or perhaps you found the perfect property to open up a new business location but you lack the necessary capital sources for the acquisition?

Providing Opportunities with Capital

At Bluestone, we don’t just provide capital, we provide opportunities. The opportunity to do value-add rehab on a distressed property in a great location. The opportunity to buy a greater stake in a business that you love and that has great potential. The opportunity to snatch up the perfect place before it even hits the market. The opportunity to free up operations by getting the working capital you need to move your business forward.

Variety of Lending Options

With Bluestone’s variety of lending options, we can provide a loan that matches your timeline and specific circumstances. Whether you need funding for a new venture or you need more time for maturing debt obligations, we can get you the funds you need when you need them.

We Understand the Speed of Business

At Bluestone, we understand the “speed of business”. Our staff has shown a strong track record originating and servicing loans for small business owners and real estate investors. Bluestone has helped businesses launch their first location or acquire additional locations to scale their business operations. At the same time, Bluestone also allows active real estate investors to acquire additional real estate in 2-3 weeks to meet closing deadlines. Other real estate investors have utilized Bluestone’s services to pull out cash from their real estate portfolio and use that cash to acquire other properties or seek other investment opportunities.

With our staff’s expertise in business, finance, and investing, we are able to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Bluestone acts as a stepping stone for borrowers to garner the “seasoning” required by most traditional lending sources. As credit conditions continue to tighten and the gap left by local and community banks continues to widen, Bluestone is stepping in to assist borrowers that would otherwise be left on the sidelines.

Ready to get started?

Bluestone’s quick and easy process can get you on the way to finding the funding you need.

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    Our staff will follow up about which of our loan products might be the best fit for your situation.
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  3. Get the funding you need.
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